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I believe that the best moments in our lives are best served unrecorded, not photographed and not drawn, but lived.

As an Artist, I realize that as a people, we naturally think of ourselves as bigger than what we really are. We have MAJOR ideas about who and what we should be, the desire to become better is our MOTIVATION, and as we set on this journey to reach the desired goal, we must begin with the end in mind.

Ask yourself “why is this journey so important?”

All Mintellectual thinkers are born on this earth with a purpose, a task at hand that we must reach no matter what.

The task is never just to make it, but to become a beacon of

light along the way so that others will see your hustle, make wings and fly away. This is the MINDSET.

Whatever we set out to do, we are and always will be an example for the world to see. Never limit your world to just what you see. View it through an Artist's eyes.


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